The Nostril Abroad

It is times like the never ending today’s that we all ponder about the quality of life we target, and the reality of where we truly stand. Am I happy? I’m not asking myself, I’m the voice in your head who ever so often screams for confirmation, confirmation that what you are doing with your life is who you truly are, or are you living a life that you would gladly trade with someone else.

For starters I have to mention that the grass on the other side may not be greener, but instead there may be more of it.

The publisher of this Stinky Blog asked me to iterate a bit on ex-patriotism, this I shall do but first I would like you to understand that the term “ex-patriotism” is nothing more than political propaganda aimed at creating guilt amongst the populous so they don’t choose another life location.

I for one am appreciative for what my country have done for me and always will be, but I realized that what my country has to offer are nothing more than services. What I mean is that you can get a cheeseburger in 30 seconds, have the fastest internet service, air-conditioning in every store you walk in, nine hundred cable television stations, but is that quality of life or are we living in a gigantic happy meal box filled with temporary mind bending gadgets and illusions.

You must ask yourself; once you reach the outer limits of your “service” area, are you surrounded by the subtle but more important things in life that truly fills the soul with happiness? Is your wife fat and bitching because she can’t fit in Gucci shoes; are your kids never-endingly antagonizing you for an Xbox;, and you, do you really need to drive a car you can’t afford so that your neighbors don’t think you’re a poor putz? Yeah, to each his own, but that doesn’t sound happiness to me.

Realize that all these services, items, and whatever else is out there are just distracting you from what you truly love to do and experience. Then again, you may not be aware that there are other choices available more suited to your natural attraction for life.

I have visited 75 cities in 22 different countries, 9 countries of which I lived in for a period of my life, so don’t tag me with the poor unsuccessful bastard label. Rich or poor, my desires never shifted. How many times have you lost your keys and checked your pant pockets multiple times to see if you missed them somehow? Let me tell you, they are not there! I searched for my desires back home, multiple times, for years, but guess what… just like your keys, not there.

Lastly I moved the Central America, more specifically Costa Rica. Let me start by saying, “if you can’t live without Starbucks, don’t move here!” But isn’t that the whole idea, to get away from the addiction and sway toward your instinction? I am happily involved with a captivating woman from this beautiful country, and we spend our time traveling across these luscious lands visiting wonders that I have never experienced, and to multi-mile long unpopulated beaches, where yes, we have made love.

I am not promoting Costa Rica, what I am trying to promote, is life. I don’t know you, you may love where you live, but you may also be fooling yourself. You only live once and if you don’t do it now, you will one day be so far removed by all those distractions that you will have forgotten your fantasies, your dreams, and worst of all, yourself.

You were born somewhere. On a map with no names, that could be anywhere. Claim your life by living in a place where those subtle but more important things in life exist specifically for you and me.


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